Posted on Oct 12, 2016

The USAPA Junior’s program supports pickleball at all levels for kid’s ages 7 thru 19.  Our committee includes pickleball pros, USAPA staff members, USAPA Ambassadors and kids of all ages.  We have several organizational initiatives that we are focusing on this year as we continue to grow.  These initiatives include the continued development of the new USAPA Juniors web page, increased use of social media, developing educational materials, creating kid networking opportunities, public awareness and growing pickleball among the aforementioned demographic.  To join USAPA juniors you only need to send us a memo if interest, send a brief bio about yourself and let us know what area or areas you are interested in to juniors@usapa.org.   We can always use Information Technology (IT) assistance with our various media channels.  Click on the links below for coverage on our juniors program.



Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.  I have enclosed some additional information concerning our new program.

Bob Nibarger, Juniors Coordinator for USAPA

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