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Foley AL Intermediate School students, coaches, principal, and Bama Beach Pickleball Club members

FOLEY – Last spring, Principal Shannon McCurdy of Foley Intermediate School reached out to members of the Bama Beach Pickleball Club to inquire about the sport and the potential of bringing it to the students. The club members responded to set up a date for them to visit the school with their gear in tow.

“We went to the school to introduce pickleball to all of the students in the PE classes,” said Eddie McDonald, a pickleball Ambassador for Baldwin County. “We met with the school’s coaches and told them what we needed, and they taped three courts for us on their gym floor. We arrived with our equipment and we went through every PE class that day, teaching over 500 kids an introductory lesson to pickleball.”

Afterwards, a club member suggested that the club help provide the resources to the school to get pickleball started. In an overwhelming vote, the officers approved the purchase of three nets, 12 paddles and balls to go to the PE staff at Foley Intermediate. The equipment was presented to the school on Thur., Oct. 17.

“I would like to say thank you to the Bama Beach Pickleball Club for supporting us and our efforts to teach and engage kids in sports that are popular in our area,” said McCurdy. “Participating in a variety of sports and games help kids to be more versatile athletes and well-rounded citizens. Furthermore, with the pickleball club’s support, the sport itself will continue to grow.”

Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in the nation, exploding onto the scene within the last ten years and spreading all across the country. Each day more and more people are getting acquainted with the sport, and the club wants to introduce it to as many people as possible.

“It was our pleasure to be able to purchase these items for the school,” said McDonald. “One of the goals of the Bama Beach Pickleball Club is to promote the sport in every way possible. We would love to be able to reach more students in the area, as well as school staff members in an effort to promote the game that we love so much. Please contact us at 770-324-3603 and we will be happy to help get pickleball started at your school!”

The Bama Beach Pickleball Club plays at the Gulf Shores Church of Christ (2414 West 1st Street) Monday – Saturday mornings and Monday and Thursday evenings. Play is open to the public and costs $3. Go to and enter Bama Beach Pickleball Club for current daily hours and club information. You can become a club member for an annual fee of $20. Membership is open regardless of where you live or how long you’ve been playing pickleball.   Credit   Gold Coast News by Jessica Vaughn






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