Cub Scouts Pack find fun and friendship in Pickleball.

Cub Scouts Pack find fun and friendship in Pickleball.


Hello my name is Coach Hai Nguyen and I’ve been in the Tennis industry for over 28 years. I own and run AYTE(Adult and Youth Tennis Enterprises), an instructional tennis  and pickleball company here in Southern California. I’ve been trying to introduce kids to the game of pickleball, but it has been an arduous journey. So when I was approached by a Cub Scout Den Mother, I was elated. Cub Scout Pack 623 comprised of 10-12 boys ages 9-11years old. They had to fulfill a sport requirement by learning a new sport. None of the boys had ever heard of Pickleball so when they arrived they were quite excited. By the time we were finished, all of them were able to successfully keep a rally going. I am hopeful that these boys will continue and we can introduce more kids to the sport, especially girls. It’s been tough, but for that brief hour I was reminded of why I love this game so much! 


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