Golowich Traces His Roots

We were very happy today to have a visit from my main man, Nicky Golowich, and his very supportive Father, Nick Golowich Sr. Nicky got his pickleball career kick-started here in Hiawassee, GA about 2 years ago. He was playing at about a 3.0 level back then, but, I saw something special going on with Nicky. Now, he’s just moved up to the 5.0 level after his amazing MD 5.0 win in Hoover, AL last weekend. He’s not anywhere near peaked out yet and we’re going to be seeing a LOT of him in the future. GA Mt. Pickleball is super proud of Nicky. Every time he comes back to his home club and plays we’re all amazed at his skills and his improvement……!! Pretty good for a fine young man who hasn’t turned 16 years of age yet !! I hear it from good sources that he’s been getting some tips from a young man named Kyle something or other…..   by John Hall, Hiawassee, Ga, pickleball….

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