Juniors Steal Hearts At Hawaii Open 2020

Before COVID-19, there was the Hawai’i Open held at Holua Tennis and Pickleball Center in Kailua-Kona on the the Island of Hawai’i where a Junior pickleball duo stole the hearts of all who watched. Kylena Paredes (12 yrs old) and John Greenwood a.k.a. KonaJohnny (13 years old) earned Silver in the 3.0 Mixed Doubles Adult Division! Why is this noteworthy? Aside from their age, pickleball had brought a girl from Hawai’i and a boy from Canada to partner up and show how fiercely they could compete at a major tournament! In the finals, they even got to play at Center Stadium! Kylena picked up her first paddle only 2 years ago while KonaJohnny started pickleball 5 years ago.  Though young and small in stature they are both powerhouses at the net!

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