Pickleball Sisters Shine In Texas

Pickleball sisters Emma (6) and Olivia (9) Borne from Weatherford, Texas and Addyson (12) and Noella (8) Hoskins from Corpus Christie, Texas are cousins and I am their grandmother.  I began teaching the girls and siblings pickleball 3 years ago when I would travel to Texas.  Before, putting paddles in their hands they learned how to catch pickleballs in small cones off the bounce.  We call this game Ice Cream Cone Catches so it was an easy transition in learning how to make contact with the paddle below the ball.  In no time they were driving the balls over a makeshift net with two kitchen chairs and a jump rope as a net in the driveway and playing fun games in the street.   Although they haven’t been able to play the “real dill” yet, they are having so much Pickleball Fun!!  Their favorite games are Jail and Pigs in the Pen.

For Emma, Olivia, Addyson, Noella, Caleb, and Zeb, their strategy is to stay out of Jail and the Pig Pen, or Not!

If you want the details of these games, email Christie Borne at PickleballSisters@gmail.com

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