Sobek Waters rules at Atlanta Open

Sobek Waters rules at Atlanta Open


What a journey! There were so many detours and unexpected routes to get to and from Chicago. I would like to thank Anna Leigh Waters for being my Mixed Doubles partner. Like always, you played really great. And I appreciate the ice you gave me, it helped a lot. This was the worst health condition I ever had. It was really hot outside. Also, thank you to Nancy and John Williams for the support and hospitality. It was great to see you guys again!

It took us a long way to get to Chicago. Starting from Key West, we went to Atlanta, but instead of going to Chicago, we went to Salt Lake City. From there we went to Milwaukee and rode a shuttle to Chicago. The way back to Key West was even worse. Starting from Chicago, we went to Seattle! From Seattle to Las Vegas, then to New York. Guess what? We took a flight to the Bahamas. Cause why not? After that, we finally made it to Atlanta. However, all the flights to Key West were overbooked. We decided to take a flight to Melbourne and drive back to Key West, which is about 6 hours long plus Miami traffic. It took a while, but we made it back….

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