Starting Them Young

Starting Them Young

January 2019 a group of Trilogy Polo Club Pickleball players, Indio California, teamed up with the coach at Roosevelt Elementary School. Together we taught 4th and 5th graders the basics of the game. We were able to get a grant for 5 nets and we purchased 50 paddles at a discount from Selkirk. The response has been overwhelming. This January we will start an after school program with a dozen volunteers playing with them. This quote from the schools Coach says it all:

When I first told my students we were going to learn Pickleball, they had no idea they would enjoy playing so much. The students couldn’t wait for our volunteers to come each week. During free choice time, the students request the  Pickleball equipment  and the courts get filled up with students waiting for a turn to play. The students at Roosevelt loved the new experience and playing the game! “ Coach Paula Reynolds

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