Vermont 7th and 8th graders Rock Pickleball

Vermont 7th and 8th graders Rock Pickleball

7th & 8th Graders Rock Pickleball

The final tournament of the Lyndon Town School Physical Education Class 7th and 8th grade Pickleball was held recently in front of the entire middle school with the winners from each PE class playing. 8-1 Class members Delaney Raymond and Austin Wheeler won the student tournament and went on to play the teachers, Maureen Chapman and Gwen Stahl. Raymond and Wheeler were victorious. Each person who made the final tournament were awarded with a jar of pickles. The two winners received a giant jar of pickles. Those in the final tournament were: 7-2, Jason Mitchell and Isaiah Woodward; 7-3, Molly Renaudette and Lauren Labounty/Tim Birtcher-Poole; 7-6, Landon Carey and Harmony VanDyk; 8-1, Delaney Raymond and Austin Wheeler; 8-4, Zane MaWhinney and Parker Mitchell; 8-5, Ashton Gould and Kaylee McCaffrey. Shown above are: in front from left, teacher Maureen Chapman, Landon Carey, Jason Mitchell, Isaiah Woodward, Tim Birtcher-Poole, Harmony VanDyk and Delaney Raymond; back row, teacher Gwen Stahl, Zane MaWhinney, Parker Mitchell, Kaylee McCaffrey, Ashton Gould, Austin Wheeler and Molly Renaudette.  Credit   St. Johnsbury paper is in ,Vermont and primarily circulates throughout Caledonia County. It was established in 1837.

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